From a wordless place

Sometimes it is good to go to a wordless place, i.e. to not write prose or poetry. So here is a digital art instead that got made recently, during a no-objective-other-than-to-have-fun time.

What does it signify to you? What does it evoke in you? Does it evoke anything at all? Tell me. Then I will share where this image emerged from, what I called it, and how a friend interpreted it in a totally different way.

your entanglement is a dream sm

Broken but…

This digital sketch feels like a self-portrait on the days when I am unwell. It is an offering to anyone to make their own, when they feel broken but know that the beauty within is still intact.

Desert Dusk (artwork)

My ancestors came from Rajasthan. Maybe they came from Sub-Saharan Africa. I have never seen the hot desert sand sinking into darkness, but they had. So I guess it is in my genes and that is how this image came about to be!

Desert Dusk by Vani Murarka
Desert Dusk by Vani Murarka

Made first in MS Paint and then re-implemented in Inkscape for resolution independence and a tad bit more sophistication.