Water, and a home.

I’m really grateful that I have water to drink. Cool water to bathe in every day. Even during the COVID lockdown, one day I found myself feeling grateful that there is cool water in the tap to bathe with. Kolkata is going through a heat wave right. In that there is no electricity problem in… Continue reading Water, and a home.

Quiet Day

It was quiet whole day longI didn’t listen It is quiet now, and I’m listening The room is quietA night shade lights the roomFiles download quietly, over there Yes there’s noisefrom these wordsas I speak them in my mindwhile I write —to tell you of the quiet. Make it in your place somedayListen.

Observing The Logic In Our Emotions

I am a huge ball of emotions. A huge potent ball of emotions. I research myself. I research myself by observing my emotions. That is why I wrote once: एहसासों की लड़ी है यह ज़िन्दगी एक एक एहसास को सहेज कर, समेट कर, धीरे धीरे आगे बढ़ती हूँ। कमरा बिखरा रह जाता है। Emotions have… Continue reading Observing The Logic In Our Emotions

Revealing Our Emotional Needs — Our Moon Sign

Returning from school she was filled with elation. She had discovered a precious gem at school that day. She burst into the kitchen and said excitedly to her mother, “Do you know why that tomato is red? It’s because it’s absorbing all wavelengths from visible light except red.” I was that school girl, and yes… Continue reading Revealing Our Emotional Needs — Our Moon Sign

It Works

“We might go to war with Pakistan,” my brother said at home one day. It was October 2016. My brother, an expert in analysing and forecasting market data (currency and other financial values), could see that the Rupee will weaken. Not just slightly, but a lot. He was sure of it. He told his customers… Continue reading It Works