The Rabbit and The Elephant

They were such good friends, the rabbit and the elephant. The rabbit would sit atop the elephant and they would roam the forest like kings — the rabbit’s nose twitching with approval at all that he saw, the elephant’s trunk swinging gaily with general happiness for no particular reason at all.

The rabbit loved playing pranks. One day the two friends were at the lake . The elephant was drinking water with his trunk inserted at the edge of the lake. The rabbit took a twig, put it into the elephant’s trunk, and tickled ever so slightly.

AA CHHOO! The water burst out in a huge fountain of a sneeze!

The elephant guffawed with laughter, filling all the open space at the lake with sound. The rabbit’s twinkling laugh joined in like starlight.

“Oh you incorrigible rascal!” said the elephant adoringly, swung the rabbit up with his trunk, and placed him back on his head. Once again they roamed the land with joy. They made nothing their own, and so everything was their’s.

Now A Tiger

Long was the winding queue,
In it standing was an urchin –
Empty mind an’ empty tummy
Waiting for his lowly luncheon.

Mind nibbling empty mind,
Tummy pinching at the tummy,
And our urchin in the heat
Standing for a morsel grummy.

Suddenly a lighting bolt
Struck our little hapless lad –
Suddenly he ran away
Leaving people standing sad.

How he ran and ran and ran –
Now alone he was a-searchin,
“I will wait in queue no more.
I will find my own,” said urchin.

Now our lad is roaming wild
In the forest day and night
Now our lad is no more urchin
He is tiger of some might.

Has he found what he was searchin?
I don’t know. He is so wild!
For to know his story, shoot
RFID is his hide.

If you want to know a tiger
Sir, you too hafta be wild.
Urchin missin from the queue –
Born a tiger, urchin died.