A Blob of Love (animation)

a blob of lovesquiggly lightin its weightand in sightdropped itselfin the plightof the overthinkingmind. suddenly all turbulencesettled down.oh! what a sight! ~ vani murarka

In The Dark Room

In this dark room, everything is ok. The world needs to hear and see success stories, but ultimately each person, in his / her dark room, must experience this ‘everything is ok’. It doesn’t make for much of a movie or a story, but *this is it*. Not emphatically, but simply because this really is… Continue reading In The Dark Room

Children, Philosophy, Meaning, and Joy

We were children. I used to love the conversations we had exchanging thoughts and ideas, my brother and I. We were on the terrace, talking. I shared some thought of wonderment with my brother. A what-if kind of thought. He said, “It’s all just mental masturbation.” I interpreted his statement as, “It’s all pointless, undesirable… Continue reading Children, Philosophy, Meaning, and Joy

Water, and a home.

I’m really grateful that I have water to drink. Cool water to bathe in every day. Even during the COVID lockdown, one day I found myself feeling grateful that there is cool water in the tap to bathe with. Kolkata is going through a heat wave right. In that there is no electricity problem in… Continue reading Water, and a home.

Quiet Day

It was quiet whole day longI didn’t listen It is quiet now, and I’m listening The room is quietA night shade lights the roomFiles download quietly, over there Yes there’s noisefrom these wordsas I speak them in my mindwhile I write —to tell you of the quiet. Make it in your place somedayListen.

Observing The Logic In Our Emotions

I am a huge ball of emotions. A huge potent ball of emotions. I research myself. I research myself by observing my emotions. That is why I wrote once: एहसासों की लड़ी है यह ज़िन्दगी एक एक एहसास को सहेज कर, समेट कर, धीरे धीरे आगे बढ़ती हूँ। कमरा बिखरा रह जाता है। Emotions have… Continue reading Observing The Logic In Our Emotions