The Pleasures of Back-seat Driving A Cab

Me: The Ola GPS is asking you to turn left, but we will go right

Cab driver: Right? How will we reach your destination by going right?

So I gave him the route we will take, explaining that the traffic is more free flowing on that route, and added: You’ll be able to drive in the 5th gear too.

Me and A Cab Driver

I had booked the Ola using Ola Postpaid. So no cash was due. I only had a Rs. 20 note in my purse. I handed it to him…

She Knew My Language

For the Charlotte chapter of my life, God gifted me Jane Frazier. He put her in the parking lot, for me to discover her there. Something had prompted me to go and talk to her that afternoon when the local churches had got together to give furniture to international students like myself, who had come… Continue reading She Knew My Language

The Snail and The Tortoise

After much deliberation, she decided which of the fancy paper clips I should have, and which she will keep for herself. So I got the snail, tortoise, airplane and duck, and my niece gave herself four other somethings. Seeing the snail and the tortoise sitting beside each other, this question popped up in my head.… Continue reading The Snail and The Tortoise

When I Marry, My Forgotten Friend Will Do My Makeup

I don’t know if I have forgotten her. If I had, I wouldn’t be writing about her. There is such contradiction inherent in Cheryl Strayed’s writing prompt ‘Write about someone you forgot’ that it is capable of causing nuclear fusion. She was a practicing lawyer in Pakistan. Now in USA, she managed her toddlers full-time,… Continue reading When I Marry, My Forgotten Friend Will Do My Makeup

My Niece Unlimited

A conversation transpired with my niece recently. She was pulling at my swimming goggles. “Don’t. It will break.”, I said. “It’s elastic.”, she replied. “It is rubber.” “But it stretches.” “Sure. But everything has a limit.” “What is my limit?”, she asked. “You would have to find that out.” Then I added, “Actually you are… Continue reading My Niece Unlimited

Unnecessary Happiness

“I am a solidarity person”, she said. What a beautiful thing to say and be! I had rung her up only because I needed to hug someone. When I am feeling “unnecessary happiness”, my natural way to express it is to hug someone. Normally my Mom is the recipient of these hugs. She is used… Continue reading Unnecessary Happiness