Observing The Logic In Our Emotions

I am a huge ball of emotions. A huge potent ball of emotions. I research myself. I research myself by observing my emotions. That is why I wrote once: एहसासों की लड़ी है यह ज़िन्दगी एक एक एहसास को सहेज कर, समेट कर, धीरे धीरे आगे बढ़ती हूँ। कमरा बिखरा रह जाता है। Emotions have… Continue reading Observing The Logic In Our Emotions

A River Within and Without

What I experienced on the river was of course soothing and exhilarating at the same time, but what I experienced on the ride back in the van – that was utterly sublime. That in-the-van experience makes that trip so memorable, so precious.

From a wordless place

Sometimes it is good to go to a wordless place, i.e. to not write prose or poetry. So here is a digital art instead that got made recently, during a no-objective-other-than-to-have-fun time. What does it signify to you? What does it evoke in you? Does it evoke anything at all? Tell me. Then I will… Continue reading From a wordless place

Hopping, Skipping, Through The Garden of My Mind

Thoughts are like particles that take birth and then die. Some thoughts live long. Some thoughts are short-lived. Some thoughts may be born often. Some thoughts may be born more rarely. Thoughts cause action. Thoughts cause things to change. So thoughts are a force. There are thoughts that I and other humans have. Then there… Continue reading Hopping, Skipping, Through The Garden of My Mind

The Lure Of Cacophony

What’s here is now invisible I search for life on internet. In this room and in this house, In this city I find nothing. For meaning I go to internet. To cacophonous thoughts that are More cacophonous than my mind I gravitate ― To find an end to loneliness, I turn towards the internet. To… Continue reading The Lure Of Cacophony

My Mind and The Internet – The Dangerous Divine Relationship

That was the most lonely and isolated period of my life. Then the internet came to me — when the world was, as per Jesus, in its late 1990s, and I was in my late 20s. My brother had bought home the first computer of the family, despite bitter criticism from my father. He also… Continue reading My Mind and The Internet – The Dangerous Divine Relationship

Processing Pain: What I Have Learned

The child was playing. The child fell down, got hurt and started bawling. The mother (or whichever other elder was in the vicinity) rushed to the aid of the child, picked her up and started consoling her. The child continued bawling. One strategy that mothers (or elders in general) resort to in this situation is… Continue reading Processing Pain: What I Have Learned

Circles Of Harmony

Products Of Calm From August to December last year, almost every morning, I went for a different kind of a walk, engaged in a different kind of meditation. When we sit down to meditate, eyes closed, bang! all the cacophony of our mind becomes apparent and most of the time is spent being buffeted around… Continue reading Circles Of Harmony