Conversation (and discovery behind the mind)

So what did you discover behind the mind? Myself. It is thanks to Mummy and a tremendous conversation I had with her yesterday evening. But then who is Mummy and who am I? There is no place where Asha Murarka ends and Vani Murarka begins. There is one place in our conversation yesterday (life happens… Continue reading Conversation (and discovery behind the mind)

4 Short Sentences

Truth is true. * Truth does not change. * Truth is simple. * Only Truth is true.

anant aakaash garbh

ek jagah hai – jahaa(n) n Hindi hai n Angrezee – n shabd n akShar. dhvani kaa garbh hai ye. desh, sanskRti, dharm, vichaar ke pahale kaa anant aakaash garbh –