A Blob of Love (animation)

a blob of lovesquiggly lightin its weightand in sightdropped itselfin the plightof the overthinkingmind. suddenly all turbulencesettled down.oh! what a sight! ~ vani murarka

Quiet Day

It was quiet whole day longI didn’t listen It is quiet now, and I’m listening The room is quietA night shade lights the roomFiles download quietly, over there Yes there’s noisefrom these wordsas I speak them in my mindwhile I write —to tell you of the quiet. Make it in your place somedayListen.

Let your heart grieve

Let your heart grieve. Your age is the same, my love. Still the same innocent child. You were born, who knows when. You seek what you seek. For that which you will not get — Let your heart grieve. * Then, you shall receive.


One night You had encircled me.
No, that night You sandwiched me.
From one side You came as You
From one side You came as Him.
Then I remained just as a mite


I want to feel this body
rub against Your body.
I want to feel this breast
pressed against Your mouth