Honoring Our Personality – Honoring Our Uniqueness

I perceive this world and universe through the filters of my unique personality. Same goes for you. You perceive this world through the filters of your unique personality. That is the way it is for all of us. Grand teachers of all ages and races say that our true self is exalted, beyond any limits… Continue reading Honoring Our Personality – Honoring Our Uniqueness

Success Without Money

Ironically, just when I left the job world, along with it came the desire to earn money. Before that I had never really bothered about money (or success). I had always just moved towards whatever was intellectually satisfying. In the process work, education, earning had happened as a by-product. When I left the job world,… Continue reading Success Without Money

अगर सुनो तो

तारे जड़े हैं ज़िन्दगी में अंधियारे बिछे हैं ज़िन्दगी में और साँसों की लहर सहला जाती है … अगर सुनो तो ~ वाणी मुरारका इस कविता का अंग्रेज़ी में अनुवाद (मेरे ही द्वारा): stars are studded in our life darkness laid out in our life and the gentle flow of breath, ever soothing… if you… Continue reading अगर सुनो तो

My Niece Unlimited

A conversation transpired with my niece recently. She was pulling at my swimming goggles. “Don’t. It will break.”, I said. “It’s elastic.”, she replied. “It is rubber.” “But it stretches.” “Sure. But everything has a limit.” “What is my limit?”, she asked. “You would have to find that out.” Then I added, “Actually you are… Continue reading My Niece Unlimited

Best Words Any Friend, Family Has Said To Me

Once upon a time, a wonderful kind loving man sent an email to a sweet silly scared girl. She was upset about something, and in the middle of that upset she blurted out, “if that happens, I will lose all respect for myself”. Whatever that “that happens” might have been. He did not interject and… Continue reading Best Words Any Friend, Family Has Said To Me

The Science of Shiva – My Favorite Thin Spiritual Book

कहें न तुमसे तुम्हारी बात तो किससे कहें हम? Shivji is one heck of a cool dude. You see, I have a teenage crush on Shivji that endures. So when he says, “O Beloved, put attention neither on pleasure or pain but between these”, I feel this warm glow all inside. He’s addressing me as… Continue reading The Science of Shiva – My Favorite Thin Spiritual Book

Leave What You Left

Unwind. Leave what you left. Pebbles of residue Clutter the desk. This here Right now Fresh as dew Immerse in the Universe Wonder anew You, the eternal child Wise in your innocence I hold me in Love tender true