I Shall Go The Way I’d Gone

I shall go the way I’d gone
as a child, to the sky.
I shall let it blow my mind
To smithereens.

Then I shall be
only me
Nothing more.
As the sky is
Just the sky
Nothing more.
As the bird is
Just the bird.

“But you’re so intelligent!” they say…

This I do not understand
This exclaim, “You’re so intelligent.”
“So what?” I say.

“Serve! Do your duty!” they say.
I cannot see who I can serve.
Each and every being perfect ―
Who do I serve?
Tell me, how to serve the sky?

If there’s something at all amiss
In this world, it is this ―
You don’t see beauty ― it is
Yet, *you* are beautiful.

Not urgent, it’s important though ―
See beauty
It is everywhere.

As for me
I shall be me
Just as the sky
Is just the sky
Nothing more.

About “Important, Not Urgent”
Things that we do, or have to do, fall under four sections of the urgent-important matrix.


The “Important, Not Urgent” quadrant is the quadrant of quality. Those activities improve the quality of our mind, body, and life.

Seeing beauty is very subtly important. The benefits it brings is deep. The world is waking up to the importance of meditation. Seeing beauty is the easiest way to meditate.

To see beauty we need not go on a vacation. Beauty is everywhere. Here is an article that expands on what beauty is and examples of how it is everywhere.

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