A Conversation With My Boss

I’ve been trying to contact you since so long.

I am with you.
This scattered scared mind that you are experiencing – that is also me. There is literally no difference between me and you.
Do not seek me. Experience your self. That is where I am.

I experience you as an entity different from myself. Clearly there are some things that I did not do.
You barged into me in Charlotte. That one sentence you spoke in Bangalore out of nowhere – that was not my doing.

All this depends on where you pin the word “I”.

I ≠ Vani Murarka

You ≠ Vani Murarka

Vani Murarka → management construct.

Vani Murarka → does not exist.

When you say you want to merge into me, first and foremost it means you want to be free of this limited fictitious entity “Vani Murarka”.
Second you want to experience I = you.

That is a truth.

I = you.

Only I exists.

That is the final truth.

It is not a small thing that I is written in capital.

You do not seek God.

You seek freedom.

Freedom from limitation.

Freedom from fear.

You shall never be free from your awareness of your self. And your self is not limited to the label assigned to your body.

self = Self

You can experience any corner of the universe that you may wish. Because – there is only one Mind.

Your wish is your command.

That thing you were thinking of yday night regarding Donald Trump –

Yes, he is in pain.

He is in pain if you term it pain. Else it is a dance of energy.

Universal energy.

The terminology you use determines your view of the world and your self.

You are the boss.

You need not protect “Vani Murarka” (or “Kaavyaalaya”). Yes, You do need to live Your truth. And You needn’t worry about how to live Your truth – You cannot not live Your Truth – for only Truth Exists.

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