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Anita Nihalani is a yoga teacher in Assam. A Maths post graduate, she is also a prolific writer and poet. On reading 12 Drops of Silence she emailed me this response. I am grateful and elated, feeling somewhat of a trembling at her kind words — sharing the happiness with you.

Words were put in bold by Anita ji herself.

‘12 drops of Silence’ is a treasure to cherish, it is not a book that you read once. It is to be read again and again when ever mind is in peace or wants to be in peace. I read it in one sitting and was overwhelmed with so many emotions which can not be expressed in words.

A blob of love is a short and sweet poem. While reading it one can get the experience of meditation.

Article about trees is also very fresh and connects the reader with nature.

Reading about colours was an altogether different experience. Like white and black are two side of one coin, all opposite values are complimentary to each other.

Yes, maybe we are pollen grains, small and cute… waiting to bloom somewhere someday…

To be with nature is really a gift to ourselves, which we should give more often. The face painted with green grass and blue sky is very soothing.

Beauty is not to be seen it should be experienced. When we have steady mind, alert sight, beauty is everywhere. How nicely you have described the presence of beauty in everything around us, in the words and letters also.

They speak in silence is a beautiful poem, silence is the womb of this universe, trees grow in silence, rain comes making noise but snow falls in silence. To be able to feel this very silence is meditation.

The tree is my guru, is a thought provoking article. Trees are powerful, they come and go with same grace. They grow and dissolve in same spirit.

Yes if we can hear there is music in every breadth, there is music in the depth of our being…
“In the silence” is a marvellous picture. The blue-green sky studded with stars, Flowing stream and image of a woman in white, in the shadow of a green tree… is that you.

Infinite womb is also very inspiring and deep. The space is still and infinite, it is the origin of each and everything on this universe. One has to experience this to understand this amazing vast cosmos which is in and out of everything. Everything is happening in this space, nothing is good or bad. It is. This feeling is a great boon if one can feel even once.

Last article – Our Five friends the five elements is very knowledgeable. Fire, water, wind, earth and sky, they all are within us and without us. These elements make our physical body as well as our mental body. They are gross and also minute.

Reading this book is an experience in itself, I congratulate you for these precious pearls of knowledge. While reading I remembered Khalil Gibran. Your writing reminds me of him.

Anita ji writes mainly in Hindi. One of her poems was published on Kaavyaalaya recently. I highly recommend it. This page has links to all her blogs, each one a gem.

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