It Works

“We might go to war with Pakistan,” my brother said at home one day. It was October 2016. My brother, an expert in analysing and forecasting market data (currency and other financial values), could see that the Rupee will weaken. Not just slightly, but a lot. He was sure of it. He told his customers… Continue reading It Works

Conversation (and discovery behind the mind)

So what did you discover behind the mind? Myself. It is thanks to Mummy and a tremendous conversation I had with her yesterday evening. But then who is Mummy and who am I? There is no place where Asha Murarka ends and Vani Murarka begins. There is one place in our conversation yesterday (life happens… Continue reading Conversation (and discovery behind the mind)

From the coronavirus, beyond the One Mind

The coronavirus has made all wars between all various names within humanity vanish. What is ours, what is theirs — all that silliness has vanished. Suddenly no dharma needs any upholding, sanaatan or otherwise, because indeed it never did. Yes, now there is a war between one biological organism and another. “Blessed are the meek,… Continue reading From the coronavirus, beyond the One Mind

From My Office Window

Flowers abloom outside my office window today. 6th March 2020. Take in the beauty. Let it nourish your heart. Come on, look at the photo just a bit longer, before you read on… And then when you feel a bit stronger (Happier? Peaceful? Its all the same. All forms of strength) by that nourishment, laud… Continue reading From My Office Window