conversations in a gathering

Conversations In A Gathering
4″ X 4″ Acrylic on Canvas board with small easel display

Conversations in a Gathering

As is often the case when I sit down to draw / paint, I let my hand move any which ways it feels like. Then as something takes shape, if I like it, I continue with it, and wonder – what does it depict?

As this one took shape, it seemed to depict to me the intermingling sound waves of multiple conversations in a gathering, such as in a party or restaurant. The orange one seemed to be the primary one I would be interested in, or be a part of. Or the orange one could also be the silent spaces. Centrally of a silent observer and silence permeating parts of the space.

If the painting depicts something else to you, please do share with me. Every interpretation of a viewer is very fascinating to me. It adds so many rich dimensions and perspectives to a painting and makes it come that much more alive. No interpretation is wrong.

Acrylic on Canvas board
Conversations in a Gathering – Acrylic painting

The painting is available for the taking.

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