How I Started Reading My Favorite Fat Spiritual Book

Those days, moments and settings of my childhood used to flash back to me vividly. So I wasn’t surprised that yet another moment from my childhood had presented itself in my mind. That moment put me in the grips of fear.

Emotions constantly change form. Even within seconds. So ok, that moment from childhood had presented itself and had generated a gripping fear in me, but I expected the moment to fade away. I expected the fear to change form. It did not. One week passed and the fear continued to grip me in its clutches in exactly the same way.

Calling the people involved in the moment from my childhood and demanding, “Why did you do this!” would not have helped. I had already communicated their impact on me some months ago. That moment in the past had occurred. Point is, I was in the clutching grip of fear right now. It was my present problem. I had spoken to my counselor about it and while she acknowledged my feeling, so what? I was still in the exact same grips of fear.

That is when I ultimately picked up this book to read: A Course In Miracles.

A miracle is a switch in the mind from fear to love, from the false to the truth. This course teaches how to make that switch. I had read about A Course In Miracles (ACIM), from another book, A Return To Love by Marianne Williamson. Marianne told me this book, ACIM, teaches that there are only two primary emotions, fear and love, and it teaches how to make a switch in the mind from fear to love. Now whether I was interested in love or not, I sure wanted this fear to budge. No other option seemed to remain. Days passed and the fear had not budged in the slightest. So I started reading this book.

A Course in Miracles is my favorite fat spiritual book. Some months back I had shared with you my favorite thin spiritual book, Vigyaan Bhairav (The Science of Shiva). That book, is only 17 pages thin, so it took only one article to share it with you. This book, A Course in Miracles, is 1180+ pages thick, so it will take a little more than one article to share what I like about the book and how it has helped me.

The book is divided into two main parts. 1. The text. 2. Workbook for students. Today I end this post by sharing one teaching from the workbook.

“I am not alone in being affected by my thoughts.”

I meaning me, I meaning you, I meaning us. Each one of us. We are not alone in being affected by our thoughts.

Not only are we responsible for our speech and actions, not only does our speech and action impact our life and the lives of the people around us, and the world — each thought we hold impacts us, the people around us, and the whole world. Even if we do not get up and go out of the room and articulate the thought to anyone. Whether we like it or not, that is the way the universe functions.

I am not alone in being affected by my thoughts.

You are not alone in being affected by your thoughts.

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