Lone Horse In The Field


I am a lone horse in the field.
I gallop in the wild open meadow
of my mind,
where ever I please.
Lone horse in the field.

Wedded no one, and yet I did.
I birthed nobody, yet I did.
His power burns in my belly
I gallop in his arms, free.
Lone horse in the field.

His song sings in my mane
His wine burns up my lips –
Not just lips, I am aflame
Lone horse in the field.

Blazing comet, shooting star
Powered by his fantasy
Gushing down as a river
Dancing amok, this is me.

Wind, stars and the sky
and the grass, and the trees
Wherever my eyes rest
He is there – only he
I am there – his ecstasy

~ vani murarka

Image credit: Kimballstock.com

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