The Lure Of Cacophony

What’s here is now invisible
I search for life on internet.
In this room and in this house,
In this city I find nothing.
For meaning I go to internet.

To cacophonous thoughts that are
More cacophonous than my mind
I gravitate ―
To find an end to loneliness,
I turn towards the internet.

To a hall of blathering
Again again compulsively, I go.
Facebook is this gathering
Of brains turning to soggy mush —
This is now the internet.

Not all is such. There’s
Humans of New York and humor
Refreshing me and telling me
That we are One.

What’s all around
The joy and peace that still abound,
Is invisible…
For power that is wholly mine,
Do I need the internet?

~ vani murarka

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