Savita, Jigsaw Puzzles, and I

I ordered a jigsaw puzzle today. Maybe you know that I like to do jigsaw puzzles. It is healing, peace inducing.

Savita liked to do jigsaw puzzles too. So that was one of the several things that we connected over. Today, when I decided to order a jigsaw puzzle, she came to mind.

She liked to remake the ones she owned (after some time gap). So she had some with her when I was in Manipal, and she lent them to me. That was good. When I do a jigsaw puzzle, I don’t like to do it again (even after a gap of several years). So I give them away, hoping that someone else will also experience the healing, peace, and beauty.

Now maybe I should tell you about the other things we connected over, Savita and I, some other things I found beautiful in her. Or maybe I should tell you about the jigsaw puzzle I ordered just now, and how black and white both play a significant role in that image, why I chose that image, what it speaks to me. But I don’t feel like doing either.

So just one closing note: why did Savita come to mind when I ordered the jigsaw puzzle today? Because a friend told me recently that Savita has passed away. Well, that is perfectly fine — that she has passed away. Then, when I got to know, and now, as I write, I wish her the best on her onward journey. And I look forward to receiving the puzzle I ordered.

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