The Joy Of Work Well-done

A piece of work well-done, boulders and roadblocks broken down (technical roadblocks, in my case), is reason for much joy.

If I was working from home I would have stepped out of my room and gone and hugged mom. Since I am working from a co-working space right now, this post is the alternative. But the joy of a good old physical hug is in a realm of its own.

I would go to mom, grinning wide. She would ask me, “क्या हुआ?” and I would say “कुछ नहीं” — for most of the time the reason for the happiness would not amount to much in the worldly sense or be too complex to explain. In any case, joy that erupts within us without reason is the most sublime. “Unnecessarily Happy“, is the technically correct term for it.

Actually, there is always a reason for joy — but like I said, often that reason is not valued much by the world. The most sublime reason for joy: when, in the most natural manner, we feel unlimited.

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