Happy Independence Day!

I share with you 4 lines I came across in Jaishankar Prasad’s Kaamaayani. (Jaishankar Prasad was an eminent Hindi poet and Kaamaayani is a celebrated mahakaavya of Hindi literature). These are the 4 lines, translated by yours truly –

We were not gods, neither are they –
All cogs in the wheel of change.
Yes, tie yourself up as a horse
To the pride-chariot, as you may.

The original Hindi
देव न थे हम और न ये हैं
सब परिवर्तन के पुतले
हाँ – कि गर्व-रथ में तुरंग सा;
जितना जो चाहे जुत ले।
– जयशंकर प्रसाद (कामायनी से)

Yes, we are precious, special, unique. Worthy of being honored.
And so is everyone else.

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