Cherishing The Year As It Closes

I like the year-end time. There are no festivities at home, and one is granted a holiday by the world or society at large. This gives the opportunity for some year-end stock taking with an easy mindspace. Or if I choose to do absolutely nothing about the year coming to a close, that is absolutely fine too. 31st December is no special day at all at our place.

This year has been special for me. This year I committed to myself that I shall post regularly on this blog, because I have found writing to be an extremely effective way to connect to a quiet wisdom within — and you have come along with me on this journey. For this, for your companionship, I am truly grateful. Thank you.

Even though I write primarily only about myself, because that is the topic I know best, I do try to write such that it may be of some worth to you as a reader. Going by the responses that I receive from you at times, I happily deduce that I do succeed in some measure. As I write this, and look back on the year, there is only gratitude in my heart – for specific reasons, general reasons, and because right now, at this moment, I am connecting with you.

This year has been especially satisfying for me creatively, due to two projects – the video series Kanupriya Mukhrit Huee (use this link if you prefer the English version) and the 12 Drops of Silence book. Additionally, keeping consistent companionship with creativity (and thereby beauty), in Kaavyaalaya, this blog and Geet Gatiroop, has helped rebuild stamina and self-confidence.

The other highlight of this year has been health challenges, intimately linked with family challenges. In this, I am glad that each time the challenge has raised its head I have told myself — now, I will not run away from the family anymore. This has helped me see how I am being gifted terra-firma even despite the challenges, and that terra-firma enables to do whatever I do manage to do. I also no longer bother about “Am I contributing to the family in any meaningful way?”. I know now that I contribute to the family, or wherever I am, including the whole world, simply by being myself — and that, irrespective of the magnitude, is pretty darned meaningful and significant. I am glad to be learning about love and relationships in deeper ways generally peddled shoulds.

Health has been an almost regular see-saw since the last six months, two days functional and then two days not, but the spirit is intact — one, due to the terra-firma granted by the family and two, because despite many dreams, desires and plans I now have my bare-minimum aspiration well-defined — sharing two drops of beauty, two poems on Kaavyaalaya per month — nothing more.

That is so much about me, me, me. Well that is how I know how to write and I might as well not pretend to be anything else. If you wish to write to me about yourself, your year, or anything else that you may fancy, please do. I will love to read what you have to say for connection is the one fundamental thing of value in our wondrous, vulnerable and sublime lives.

With best wishes for all your moments


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