Will You Play This Game With Me?

Since last week we were talking of the importance of seeing beauty, how about making a game of it? Making a game out of something to do makes it so much more fun, pleasant … and beautiful. There — we are in the company of beauty already.

Ok, so here is how the game goes —

You share with me, in the comment below, any one thing of beauty that you see or perceive right now, at this present moment, whether it is in the world around you or it is within you. Anything of beauty that you perceive in your thoughts, feelings, or via seeing, smelling, touching, or hearing (or whatever other senses you may have!).

Then it will be my turn, and I will share one something of beauty that I am perceiving at that present moment when I reply in the comment below. I will also send the reply to you by email, if you give your email while commenting.

We will play this for three rounds, i.e. I will reply to three comments below by correspondingly sharing some thing of beauty that I see. Then who knows, this might not remain a game between you and me. We might find a whole lot of us sharing their own perception of beauty, seen through each one’s exclusive keyhole.

This is a win-win game.

Here is a demonstration of how one chance is played — here right now, I am looking for something of beauty that I can perceive, and this is what I found:
My father is talking to someone on the phone, as I type the keys of the laptop keyboard are responding with a gentle thudding sound that gives me the feedback that yes the key did get pressed fine, the pigeon is cooing at the window behind me, and I can feel my chest rise and fall silently as I breathe automiraculously — this small symphony of sounds and that I am able to share it with you, is beautiful.

Ok. So that was the demo. Now your turn. Will you share with me a thing of beauty that you perceive right now, at this present moment?


P.S. With the email subscribers of vani-expressions, we played this game slightly differently.

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