Open-mindedness. The Beauty of Science. (SAM Series)

तेरा हाथ पकड़ चलना है, ओ मेरे रखवारे
पथ आलोकित करते चलना, सत्‌ करुणा उर वारे

Here we are. Gathered around. Welcome to us. Welcome my friend, to the first post in the SAM series.

What did we say we shall talk about? Yes, Science.

What’s so great about Science? Why talk about it? Why not talk about what I am wearing right now? That is a nice idea isn’t it?

Maybe. But we said we will talk about Science, so we will.
(don’t whisper: “She’s already getting heavy handed”. I can hear you.)

And yes, very good question: What’s so great about Science?

Frankly, “great” I don’t know – but there is this basic tenet of Science, and what emerges from it, is something rather beautiful.

The need for replication of results

“The need for replication of results.” That is a basic tenet of Science.

Someone more authoritative might say: “the demand for reproducibility”.
That sounds a bit intimidating.
I propose we take a softer, gentler approach. Softer, gentler approach is good marketing strategy.

The need for replication of results means: If I can see what you say there is, if I can get the same results, I shall accept what you say. Otherwise, no, very sorry, with all due respect, I cannot accept what you say.

Now really, there isn’t such a big deal to this. Its plain common sense. This is the basis on which we all operate. Don’t we? Yes.

Actually, half-yes. This is the way we operate, but we want the other person to operate differently. We want him to simply accept what we say. At least kids better accept what we say! 🙂

Let’s expand this need for replication of results a bit further, to see how we can follow it. If we wish to.

1. I shall not believe you, unless I myself experience what you say. However, I shall give you a due ear. I shall try to replicate your results. If I am fully sure that I met all the conditions you laid down for the results, and I still do not experience what you say, I shall reject your claim.

2. If I do experience what you say, I shall accept that what I knew earlier was not fully correct. Instead of feeling bad about “being wrong”, I shall only feel gratitude that now I can see more.

Now can you smell something beautiful and fragrant? It is the beauty of open-mindedness. It is how we go forward together. Hand in hand.

Both these above tenets are worthy of being lived by, by every individual.

The Beauty of Open-mindedness.
The Beauty of Open-mindedness.


There are many fall-outs that fall out from these two tenets. Here are some.

  • It is good to ask a question.
  • Its ok to disagree.
  • Discussion is a good idea.
  • Believing blindly without checking out yourself, not such a good idea.
  • Scoffing at an idea, person, thing prematurely – not a good idea.
  • There is no need to “defend” your theory or stand.
  • The need for clarity of articulation.
  • The need to listen.
  • The awareness that I may be wrong.
  • Being wrong does not make a person stupid.

Science is a way of dancing. You know, like Bharatanatyam, Zumba and stuff. If you like Science, if you are afflicted by a teenage crush on it, then it is good to repeatedly check that you are on this track of these tenets. That you are dancing the Science dance.

Are we dancing the Science dance? Are we following these tenets? Or are we choosing to believe science blindly?

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