new series: Science And Me (SAM)

Friends, I’ve decided to start a series on this blog called “Science And Me” (SAM in short).



Thing is, there are tons and tons of thoughts going round and round in my head. Oops!
Regarding Science. Oops oops!
Since years. High-school to be precise.

When tons and tons of thoughts go round in the head, the head gets heavy. When the head gets too heavy, then the chest gets heavy … 🙂

So, my attempt will be to take one single thought-sliver out of my head and place it on the table. Post by post. Like so –

Howz that for a diagram?

I think something constructive will come out of doing that.
1. It will clear my head and make it lighter (whew!)
2. Maybe there will be something more. For me. And for you too.

And who knows? We might find that there aren’t even tons and tons (of thoughts). Just a handful. I might find that it is their going round and round that made them feel “weighty” (and wise) 😉

So now this is not a post in that new series. There is nothing scientific about this one. (Except for the diagram).

Watch out next week for the first post.

Love you.

Chemistry girl image courtesy: Phillip Martin Clip Art


  1. Will be definitely interesting how you spill out your brains (not guts). Good luck and best wishes for you to unload the weight on SAM.

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