Nourished, Even By His Absence

I love missing you. It’s such a tasty, wholesome experience.
Like eating a banana.

Missing you is juicy with a devious prick…
Like biting into a slice of pineapple.

I love missing you — like eating mangoes when they aren’t there.
Sucking on cherished moments, each subtle feeling.

At times, missing you is tasteless with a slight distaste.
Akin to Kale, it fills me with energy.

I love missing you with ease.
Just as water flows into my mouth, down the throat, with ease.

I love missing you when I’m not even aware, that I am missing you.
Just as I breathe. Missing you is my life.

And then suddenly, I am aware — that I am missing you.
And suddenly I’m that much more — alive!

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