Manaskriti’s Mission Statement

The fundamental creation of the mind is thoughts. Thoughts are the fundamental creative force that humans possess. Our mission is to live by and spread beautiful, nourishing thoughts.

Our Core Values and Objectives

The core thoughts we aim to live by and spread

  • Interconnectedness
  • Beauty and Quality
  • Empowerment
  • Joy and Fun

What These Thoughts Mean To Us


That everything in the Universe is fundamentally the same, holy, and intrinsically crucially connected to everything else. This includes all humans on this planet, all beings, every particle of this Universe, and all entities (physical and non-physical)– past, present, and future.


That which nourishes is beautiful.


Quality is intimately related to beauty, and the following thought, empowerment. Quality means removing that which does not nourish and empower, adding that which nourishes and empowers.


To move more and more towards living our true Self. Enable others to move more and more towards living their true Self. Empowerment means extension, safety and freedom. Empowerment is intimately related to service and value exchange – the primary objective and means of any business or engagement in society.

Joy and Fun

Joy is the unbridled expansive form of happiness. Fundamentally, this is what we all seek.
Fun is the active form of joy. When our means is in alignment with our goal (joy), it is fun.

Our vehicles to live by and spread these thoughts:

  • Software
  • Publishing
  • We ourselves in our thoughts, action, behavior

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