Thank you Albert

I finished reading Writing As A Path To Awakening by Albert Flynn DeSilver yesterday night. Even while reading it I had felt driven to contact the author and thank him – and so I did. He requested me to post a review on Amazon. So I sat down today morning to keep my word. This is what I wrote (or in his terms, freewrote). It is not quite a review, but the book is quite a book.

If writing is of interest to you to any extent, I recommend it highly. If you love reading, then too I recommend it to you. I think every person who loves reading has a writer lurking inside. This book will kickstart that writer in you. At the very least it will give you further confidence on your unique journey of self-expression.

This is the non-review I wrote today morning.

Thank you Albert.

If you could hear the heavy, solemn sound of my voice, born of sincerity – if you could see my eyes right now, filled with a soft, deep, vast gratitude – if you could enter into my chest and mindheart, then I would have to say just these three words in response to your book that is now mine –
Thank you Albert.

Now that this book is mine, not made by me but by a power divine, I can gush at its utter beauty the way I gushed with fascination at my new born niece, a fresh package of divinity.

See, this is what your book has done to me. I don’t want to write a well thought out, erudite, balanced review. The only thing I want to do, without having done any of the meditations and writing exercises yet, is to talk to you directly – to bring my true, natural, beautiful self to you as effortlessly as I can, and simply say –
Thank you Albert.

I could tell you that I have finished journeying through the twelve months you created within a few days, riding on the wings of your words so filled with grace that they took me to the sky I love, they took me to the sky within. I could tell you that I collected so many jewels on this journey as I kept highlighting lines to revisit, that at times it seemed I will turn the whole page and book orange. I could tell you that I intend to embark on this journey with you once again, to do at least some of the writing exercises – for sure the ones on editing, on death and sanctuary, on the elements and senses – but all this telling is immaterial.

The only thing material is gratitude – and being One.

Dear reader,

I recognize that this might not function as a very useful book review. All I have to say right now, as you may have gathered from the effusive outpouring above, is that I highly recommend it. If you resonate with the act of writing as a way of delving into yourself, irrespective of whether you want to make something concrete with it or not, get yourself a copy of this book.

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