With Flourish, Judiciously

Dear Reader,

Coming soon, to the device already in your hands – my first book “11 Drops of Silence”.

This is the book cover. I will share more about the book as I go further along the self-publishing process.

11 Drops of Silence - book cover

I hope the silence that is our womb, the source of all words, continues to bring joy and nourishment to you. In that context, here is today’s post on fun, joy, reading and writing.

With love,


By teaching me to read and write my parents and school teachers have empowered me beyond measure.

To be able to connect to other thoughts beyond the limitations of space and time, to be able to share my thoughts beyond physical presence and time is such a tremendous power. A power to be used well – judiciously and with full flourish.

It matters what I read. The health of my mind matters. What I put into my mind impacts my mind and every mind on the planet. It impacts the whole.

It matters what I write, what thoughts and words I harbour, the thoughts and words I and put out. Thoughts and words travel far.

I must do both, read and write, with responsibility, while of course having fun with it all. Fun, joy is the purpose. Fun, joy is the means.

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