On A Saturday Morning

Writing shall be my main activity for today. So many days have passed, I have not gifted myself the unique beautiful atmosphere that occurs while I write. So writing shall be my main activity for today

Should I write in the notebook or on the computer? I like the vibe that is created when writing in a notebook. It feels more inspired. That is not just a mindset trying to hold onto the past world in the form of a fuzzy “should” ― we “should” write on paper, it is “better” that way. No, its not that. I do like the atmosphere that gets created when I write in a notebook. But writing on the computer is so much more efficient. Less tiring for the hand too. And I anyway have to type stuff up ultimately.

Anyways, notebook or computer, for either of them I will have to get up from bed. But I want to rest a little while longer. Where did the AC remote go? I am feeling hungry. But I am not supposed to go to the breakfast table without having a bath. Ok what shall I write about?

I really want to write about that Quantum Thermodynamics article I read. But that will require quite a lot of mental energy and focus. Will I be able to sustain my mental energy to wrap up the writing into a coherent, easy-to-understand article? Why do you have to make such a big deal about every article? Write what comes naturally to you. But will my readers be interested in reading about Quantum Thermodynamics? But it is interesting! And it is important! Mighty darned important. Or should I continue with the fiction story? I have absolutely no clue where that story will go, or whether it even wants to be written. Is it ok that I present so many different, seemingly disparate stuff to my readers? Sometimes an emotional poem, sometimes about MS, unfinished extended book review of A Course In Miracles, suddenly out of the blue Artificial Intelligence, and now this fiction which desperately wants to convey a subtle feeling, a subtle truth, my deepest truth… Don’t they find it confusing, poor things, the readers? Is it ok for me to subject them to all this multifarious stuff only because I want to train my writer self? Isn’t there enough cacophony on the internet already?

Whatever! Fact is, I want to write. And I want to write right now! Not when I get out of the bed. And the present moment is all there is, so write of the. present. moment.

And so on a Saturday morning, the humble phone (not the least bit erudite in front of the notebook and the computer), and the humble tip-tapping thumb of the left hand, and this humble heart, wrote of that very Saturday morning.

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