one day (soon)

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one day i want to tell you
of the joy and the power
of being a woman

one day i want to ask you
a question that i have.
do not answer in haste
ponder well and feel well
then let me know
a question about being a man
no, do not just answer yet
i have not asked the question yet

let’s sit just slightly at a distance
for if we merge
there will be nothing to say, to ask
so we shall look gently into our eyes
but we will not smile
(we will not frown)
but we will not smile
if we feel naughty
we will not be naughty

we shall hold onto our joy
eager throbbing waiting
till we have told
what it means
to be a man
to be a woman

one day i have to tell you
one day i must ask you
soon one day
on date night

~ vani murarka

Image credit: This is a scan from a diary sitting on my computer for years. The image is of a beautiful painting, by an artist apparently called Phalgun. Sorry that I am unable to give better credit.

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