right, wrong and neither


this is right and this is wrong
so you get four out of ten
try harder, come try again

if there is something in there
that is pulsating for you
then yes, try again, yes do

the subject you do not dig
do not let it pull you down
many ways go to the crown

heed you not the screaming voice
every kind of skill has place
this our world is filled with grace

bunch of fear as wisdom words
elders and we ourselves give
spirit gnawing way to live!

may your song be gay and free
whatever tune it may take
have no fear, nothing’s at stake.


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  1. So true but then again should one not aspire to better learn and understand the wisdom developed over the centuries? Isn’t it a big dilemma – whether not something is at stake even though at the end nothing is at stake.

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