Fiction continued: The Grasslands Bristled

This is in continuation from last week’s post “Shimmering Blue Water

Finally she fell into a deep deep satisfied sleep. When she woke up in the morning, she felt so alive! There was a distinct energy to her body, her mind alert and fresh, everything around her seemed to bristle with energy. The air itself bristled with energy.

“I won’t go to office today,” she decided, “I want to be with this energy, receive it completely.”


“What is her name?” a voice in her mind asked her.

“She has no name. All names are her name. There is only one woman on this planet. She has no name,” she spontaneously answered.

“Are you that woman?”

“Yes,” she answered.
“Are you that woman?”

“Yes,” he answered.

“Energy, energy, ever dancing energy — that is all that there is. And there is awareness. It’s oh so juicy and luscious — awareness. So handsome! You are awareness and I love you. Awareness is the very floor on which we dance.”

“There is no man or woman here. We are just energy. The more I experience you, the more I see how you are just me,” her being said, reveling in him.

“You aren’t man, you aren’t woman, yet you are so woman,” he said, reveling in her beauty.

“You are that woman, yet you are so man,” said she.

They were mesmerised with each other, with themselves, with this phenomenon that was occurring between them that connected them to the universe, that made them the universe. Thoughts flowed in and out, in and out through her mind. That is how he made love to her. Making her consciousness his playground. She stepped towards the kitchen to toss up breakfast for herself. Chopping greens and fruits to munch on, she could feel his presence in each pore of her body.

“I am in every cell of your body, I am in every warp and weft of every cloth, in the spaces in between, in the gorgeous designs woven on this carpet. I am in the empty space of this room.”

“You bet. I can see you.”

She stepped out on the lawn and kept her plate on the garden table. And suddenly, a whoop of joy shot through her and she fell down on the grass, her arms and legs bent. Like a frog? Like a tortoise? A bit of both maybe. She did not know. All she knew was that she is one with the earth and all beings, as she felt the texture and smell of the soil beneath the grass.

Arising in her fullness, she danced with the morning sun. Her sheer lightblue nightgown flowed with the wind, like the sky itself.

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